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martes, 24 de abril de 2007

Titebond III

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Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue is the first one-part, water cleanup wood glue ever offered that is proven waterproof.

Application Guidelines
Application temperatureAbove 47°F.Open assembly time10 minutes (70°F./50%RH)Total assembly time20-25minutes (70°F./50%RH)Minimum required spreadApproximately 6 mils or 250 square feet per gallonRequired clamping pressure Enough to bring joints tightly together (generally, 100-150 psi for softwoods, 125-175 psi for medium woods and 175-250 psi for hardwoods)Methods of application Plastic bottles for fine applications; glue may also be spread with a roller spreader or brush.Cleanup Damp cloth while glue is wet. Scrape off and sand dried excess.

Not for continuous submersion or for use below the waterline. Not for structural or load bearing applications. Use when temperature, glue and materials are above 45°F. Store product below 75°F. Storage above this temperature may cause product to thicken and reduce the usable shelf life. If thickened, shake vigorously by firmly tapping bottle on a hard surface until product is restored to original form.

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