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lunes, 30 de abril de 2007

P-51 Mustang (Byron)

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A few months ago a friend of the club, where flight the week ends acquired a P-51 Mustang, of the Byron company. A model of several years ago but that apparently never had been used. After rolling several times the motor in appearance a Quadra 42, I arrive the moment for doing it to the air. The piston displacement of this motor seems a little right for tremendous airplane. Still with its retractable original train, I cart by all the track and closely together of the loss it began to climb. The original undercarriage does not seem to be the sufficiently robust thing to support to the P-51, after several overcome carreteos and a same amount of of the train I end up myself breaking. In following days the train and the airplane followed the same luck. To perhaps it reduces effectiveness him, but luckily this airplane whatever with a very flexible helix, I do not want to remove the account if each one of those overturned had been with a rigid helix. By the little effectiveness of the train, one of the takeoffs went at low speed, causing that fell with the end of the wing at the end of the track and breaking the same one. Repaired the wing, my friend decided to buy a Robart train (Part # 145-5), in addition incorporated the retractable undercarriage of tail. It could yesterday prove it, the attitude in I cart was totally different, giving very many confidence, the first landing was very smooth, the second a little but abrupt but the train absorbed all the impact in impeccable form. I leave to a video and some photos. Greetings Jorge

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