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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2007

Canopies vacuum thermoforming

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Cuando diseñé mi máquina de termoformado, se me cruzó una idea similar a esta, usando para calentar las velas de las estufas de quarzo. Pero por razones económicas, desistí de la idea.

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And finally we are at the crucial moment that we knew sooner or later would happen: the model is finished, but the canopy is still to be done. We look here and there for the right one to buy, but nothing seems to fit well enough. Brochures and web sites we surfed were full of canopies, but each one is wrong for one reason or another: wider, shorter, wrong curvature, perfect but not in the scale e need …Disappointed, we are stuck without choice, but the only right thing to do: we have to custom build the right size one !In principle this is not very complicated, but without the right tool we seriously risk to throw away lot of material for tests and eventually end with something well below the high quality of the rest of the model we built.We were recently in the very same situation and consequent dilemma, but eventually we concluded that the right thing to do was to build our own PVC vacuum forming machine. Many are the viable solutions and we will present herein our one, which can be built rather easily and affordably.

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