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lunes, 7 de mayo de 2007

The Mudry CAP-10

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CAP aircrafts will be acquired in 1997 by APEX group. CAP 10 will then be equipped with a wood/carbon spar, a new landing gear and new designed ailerons.

In 1970 Auguste MUDRY creates the first CAP 10. it is a training aerobatic aircraft inspired by the famous Emeraude plane of Claude PIEL.

From 1970 to 1997, 282 CAP 10 B were built. Most of them are dedicated to the army for the training of the pilots.

This new wing called ‘C’ for Carbon has already been sold alone for "retrofit" concerning sixty CAP 10 B, and fifteen CAP 10 C have been built since the production of this aircraft was re-initiated.

These modifications will make it more resistant and easy to handle , the roll rate changing from 130 to 200 °/ second.

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