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martes, 24 de abril de 2007

Spektrum Modules for Air

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DSM2 — Security and Speed
Unlike most first-of-its-kind innovations, DSM2™ is not an unproven concept. It is based on the exact same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM® (Digital Spectrum Modulation) that RC car racers as well as micro electric and parkflyer modelers have been enjoying for at least two years now. Like DSM, DSM2 provides an impenetrable radio link that’s immune to every known type of RC interference. And because it operates at 1024 bit resolution, it provides the kind of locked-in response that will have you feeling more connected to your model than ever before.
Flight Log
Beyond the multiple-receiver setup, made possible by the AR9000’s ingenious design, the addition of an integrated Data Port allows pilots to truly fine tune the antenna and remote receiver placement. By utilizing this Data Port and an exciting new tool known as a Flight Log, pilots can now see if individual receivers are subject to fading or overall frame loss during a flight. For the first time ever, pilots have the ability to eliminate the radio signal part of the equation if there are issues in flight. The Flight Log can be permanently mounted in your fuselage or you can plug it into the Data Port after a flight. The flight Log will indicate if there has been any data loss in any of the 4 receivers.

AR7000—Spectacular Signal Clarity
AR7000 dual receiver that comes with the DX7 is key to the system’s incredibly robust RF link. Comprised of a compact main receiver that is linked to an even smaller satellite receiver by a 6” lead, the AR7000 acts as a pair of extremely sharp RF “eyes” that each take in a slightly different view of the signal environment.

AR9000 DSM2 9-Channel Rx Overview
The AR9000 combines an internal and remote receiver, offering superior path diversity. The radio system simultaneously transmits on two frequencies, creating dual RF paths. This dual path redundancy, plus the fact that each of the two receivers is located in a slightly different location exposes each to a different RF environment and creates a superior path diversity RF link in all conditions.

Key Features
9 Channels
External and Internal Receiver
ModelMatch prevents flying a model using the wrong model memory (feature does not work with module systems)
ServoSync (feature does not work with module systems)
SmartSafe fail-safe system

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